Tamil Mail


TamilAnjal requires a Java-Enabled Browser (Java 1.1.5 or higher) and works with the following environments:

Operating System Browser
Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000Fire Fox
Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000Internet Explorer 4.0 & above
Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000Netscape 4.04 & above
LinuxNetscape & Fire Fox
SolarisNetscape & Fire Fox
UnixNetscape & Fire Fox
MacintoshInternet Explorer

We are working to provide support for other environments.

In case of problems, please mail your problems to info@tamilanjal.com with the following details:

Operating System
Browser name & version
Error Message in the status bar
Problem Details

Please elaborate on the problem details to help us in expediting the response.

Sending a Message

Use the following steps to send a message:

1. Enter the Sender's name, Sender's Email address, Recipient's name, Recipient's Email address & Subject in the respective fields.

2. Place the mouse cursor inside the message composition area (Text area with a grey border) and click the left button. Now, you can enter the message. Message can be composed in Tamil & English.

Num Lock key is used to toggle between Tamil and English mode.

When the keyboard is in Tamil mode, the characters being typed will appear in Tamil Font.

When the keyboard is in English mode, the characters being typed will appear in English Font.

Use Num Lock key to toggle between Tamil & English mode.

TamilAnjal supports 3 different keyboard layouts.

3. Select the SendMail type.
TamilAnjal supports 2 types of sending the messages :
Send Message using Java
Send Message as Text

  Send Message using Java

When this option is used, the mail recipient can directly view the Tamil message using   any Java compatible email client software or browser. There is no need for the recipient to download any tamil font.
Use this option if the recipient is using a Java compatible email client software such as Microsoft Outlook 5.0 or Browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.

Send Message as Text

When this option is used, the message will be sent as text and the mail recipient can use any email client software(or any web-based email service) to read the Tamil message.
The recipient requires the IndoWeb Tamil font to read the message. If the Tamil font is already available in the recipient's system, then the message will appear directly in Tamil. Otherwise, the user has to download and install the Tamil font using the link available in the message.

4. After composing the message, select the 'Send Mail' button to send the message.

Keyboard Layouts

TamilAnjal supports 3 different keyboard layouts.

1. Romanised Layout : In Romanised layout, phoenetic English mappings are used to compose the Tamil Text. For example, the keys raamaa (or rAmA) can be used to type 'Rama'.
Romanised Layout & Key Sequence Charts

2. Typewriter Layout : This layout is similar to the Tamil typewriter layout & useful for Tamil typists & other people familiar with Tamil Typewriter layout.
Typewriter Layout & Key Sequence Charts

3. DOE Phoenetic : This layout is standardized by the Department Of Electronics(DOE), Govt Of India. The advantage of this layout is that the layout remains identical for all Indian Languages. For example, the key 'k' is used to represent the letter 'ka' in all Indian Languages.
DOE Phoenetic Layout & Key Sequence Charts

The Keyboard Layout and the Key Sequence Charts can be used to find the correct key combinations.