Tamil Mail

Keyboard Layouts

TamilAnjal supports 3 different keyboard layouts.

1. Romanised Layout : In Romanised layout, phoenetic English mappings are used to compose the Tamil Text. For example, the keys raamaa (or rAmA) can be used to type 'Rama'.
Romanised Layout & Key Sequence Charts

2. Typewriter Layout : This layout is similar to the Tamil typewriter layout & useful for Tamil typists & other people familiar with Tamil Typewriter layout.
Typewriter Layout & Key Sequence Charts

3. DOE Phoenetic : This layout is standardized by the Department Of Electronics(DOE), Govt Of India. The advantage of this layout is that the layout remains identical for all Indian Languages. For example, the key 'k' is used to represent the letter 'ka' in all Indian Languages.
DOE Phoenetic Layout & Key Sequence Charts

The Keyboard Layout and the Key Sequence Charts can be used to find the correct key combinations.