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Tamilanjal.com offers a pioneering web facility that enables Internet users to send e-mails in Tamil without the need to download a font or software onto a user's computer system.

TamilAnjal.com uses the Lastech's JULI technology (Java-based Universal Language Interface) which facilitates using 12 Indian languages on the net without the need to download the fonts or software.

TamilAnjal.com can be operated across several platforms - Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac .

Dr.M.Anandakrishnan, Chairman of the IT Task Force has inaugrated the website on 14-th, Feb,2000. He said, for millions of Tamil users across the globe, this facility has come as a boon - a chance to read, write and think in their own language on the Internet - in an extremely user friendly manner.

All that they need to do now is to enter the website www.tamilanjal.com and use the instruction panel on the site to key in their e-mails in Tamil. As mentioned earlier, the user does not have to download a new software or use a Tamil-oriented keyboard.

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